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Why to Choose Flatbed Trucking Services

Are you looking for transportation provider in New York Area? Then, McGuires Trucking is the leading logistics company in the New York to facilitate transportation of any type of loads. We are always there to deliver your goods, products or any freight in time crucial situations.

We take out surveys of the product, dimensions, weight and route to safely deliver your products. We have different capacity flatbed trucks and mini trucks to fit in your products. If required, we plan along with the State Authorities for any special permits and escort if needed. Escorts are deployed if customer needs it, and they are in contact with each other via a communication mode. To make the transportation risk free we inspect the route frequently and then job is carried out by our experienced employees equipped with modern equipments. We use advanced techniques like real time data and tracking and use these techniques to load and unload the products safely and effectively. Flatbed trucking Manhattan can handle loads of any type which may include oversize equipments, lumber generators, electronic switches, commercial garage doors, manufacturing machines, air-conditioning rooftops, construction and building material, fully grown tree and much more.

While transporting on flatbed trucks, companies need to take permission for transporting bulky things especially the ones with irregular shapes and cannot fit in ordinary closed trucks. The FMCSA has loads of rules which need to be followed while shipping. Before transporting any item, we at McGuires Trucking follow all the rules and regulations in order to deliver your products safely and securely. Further, we aim to bring the freight on time, at given location with all the extra precaution for every kind of stuff.

McGuires Trucking works on the models of the international transportation rules and pride ourselves to be the most committed flatbed trucking company in NY.  Be assured of getting the quality trucking service as we actually value your time and money and always eager to go extra mile to fulfill your requirement.  We are just a call away and available 24×7 for easy movement of your freight at reasonable prices.

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