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Trucking Queens

The Most Dependable Flatbed Trucking Service in New York

If you are searching for Flatbed Trucking NY, then McGuire Trucking Service is the best option for you. We are always approachable to you. Our only aim is to serve our customers with excellent services 24/7. We readily provide the best Flatbed Service Truck to transport your goods. Our professional expertise combines innovation and custom solutions to help you support your business or personal needs.

You can depend on us for all your transport needs like moving all of your heavy shipments, vehicles, heavy machinery, construction material, etc. We certainly offer you perfection and excellent services to meet your needs. Below are some exceptions that set our services apart from the rest.

Updated and Best Trucks

People who ship oversized machinery or goods often struggle with what type of flatbed truck is needed to haul their shipments. However, we at McGuire Trucking Services, always ensure the best vehicles are used so that the shipments can be delivered without causing them any damage or harm.

Expert Drivers to Match Your Needs

Maneuvering a heavy vehicle through traffic requires experience and skill. Our professional drivers with a deep understanding of their job make the delivery of the shipments safely and timely. These drivers are skilled enough to tackle the hardships during the shipping.

A Reasonable Option

We keep the proficiency required to transport goods safely and offer the best customer services. We understand our customer’s needs so that we can provide transport solutions at reasonable prices.

Customized & Flexible Solutions to Support Your Needs

We are among the best Flatbed companies as we offer customized and flexible solutions to our customers. We are always available to handle your shipments with complete efficiency. And we attempt to perfectly fit your schedule to maintain your satisfaction levels. Even if you need our support at the eleventh hour, we are always there!

McGuire Trucking Service is among the Top Flatbed Trucking Companies. For further details visit

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