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McGuire Flatbed NYC Trucking Manhattan

A flatbed NYC truck Manhattan is a category of truck which can be either be rigid or articulated.

It has a body consisting of an entirely flat level surface without any sides or roof. This type of configuration makes loading of goods much quicker and easier. Its ideally suited to transport loads which are heavy and not delicate or vulnerable to climatic conditions such as rain. They can be used for exceptional loads which demand more space than a closed body would provide.

Flatbed Manhattan

Flatbed Manhattan services are one of the most common methods of shipping in United States because they have many benefits. Loads can include equipment which is oversize , lumber generators , electronic switches, commercial garage doors, manufacturing machines, air-conditioning rooftops and so much more. The load can be safely secured providing the capability of long-distance transportation or even shorter distances. It is important for the load to be properly secured. There are proper safety precautions in place and the load will not shift while it is being transported.


Among the loads which can be handled include crates and farm equipment. Many reputable companies use these services regularly for safety and security. In and around military areas such as army or air force bases, it is not an uncommon sight to see the pieces of an airplane or a tank being loaded on a flatbed for transportation by road. Construction companies rely on this ability to transport pipes and lumber used in the construction of buildings as well as the transportation of machinery and equipment essential to the construction process. Even shipping containers can be safely and securely placed on a flatbed and this is often the best way of transporting these containers to the docks for onward handling.

McGuire Trucking Service Flatbed Manhattan

We pride ourselves on the ability to transport any cargo safely and affordably because of our commitment to customers to ensure peace of mind. In addition to providing the best quality service to our customers because of our exceptional experience. Our team is always available 24/7 which distinguishes us from the competition. You can get in touch directly with the experts as quickly as possible. Our truck, starting from the pickup to delivery at the destination, maintains the highest standards of safety. We pay attention to the smallest detail to ensure the safety and security of your load.
A good example would be the flatbed trucking delivery job that was completed during the summer. The pickup involved pieces 8 feet tall each in New Jersey. First thing in the morning which had to be transported to Manhattan. When the cargo arrived in New York City, we used our pallet jack to transport the pieces belonging to our customer to our Liftgate, so that they could be safely and securely lowered to the ground. This is a prime example of the exceptional quality of the type of service that we are capable of delivering in New York City.

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