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Dedicated Trucking Services in New York

McGuires Trucking Services believes in making every shipment as important to our delivery specialists as it is to you.

Our dedicated trucking service in NYC is built around your requirement.

Our dedicated trucking service brings industry-leading service and quality to your business. We work side-by-side with you to bring out the best, strengthening your network’s most important segments with a truly customized dedicated solution.

Our fleets of excellent drivers and award-winning service operate throughout the United States in every major market and industry. We start by first understanding your business’s needs and preparing a solution built around your service and cost expectations.

Our dedicated trucking program possesses state-of-the-art technology backed by an award-winning safety program, no matter the industry you serve. When you work with McGuires Trucking Services, you get shipping management and reduced shipping time while optimizing your supply chain.

Know about Flatbed Service Truck Features:-

  • Unique Structure and Proven Experience
    McGuires Trucking Services
    is known for its distinctive, comprehensive service structure to deliver excellence to our clients. We are deeply rooted, highly experienced, and financially stable.
  • Dedicated Linehaul
    We are built around the efficient dedicated line-haul service. This implies we have dedicated drivers who run similar routes, turning into your organization’s development. So you can rely upon us to convey your shipment precisely as required without fail. Our drivers take individual ownership in supporting the customer.
  • Expedited Transportation
    Whether you need quick delivery or hot shot service, we specialize in highly time-sensitive expedited transportation as a part of our dedicated trucking service. At our trucking services in NY, we offer expedited team and solo driver options to accommodate your particular dedicated requirements. With a single call, our team will source a solution to your emergency so that you can transport your packages as fast as possible.

Service Areas

We can handle routes throughout the United States. Our dedicated trucks run from Brooklyn to Bronx and Nassau to Queens, including every city in-between. For shipments traveling less than 500 miles, we have set up dedicated trucking routes that move goods in one day.

When you hire us, you know you’re receiving reliable service. We have a crew of expert mechanics who maintain all of our trucks and ensure they drive on the road at all times.

With other trucking businesses, you may encounter unexpected delays due to failures, but we are fully committed to making sure you can rely on your trucks to arrive as scheduled.

Building Relationship and Delivering Result

Our company has been serving secure and convenient dedicated carrier services for many years to businesses. Thanks to our extensive knowledge, we have built relationships, exceeded expectations, and provide customers with superior shipment solutions that meet deadlines; all while maintaining a constant focus on improving our services.

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