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Superior Box Trucking Service In Nyc

McGuires Trucking Services believes in making every shipment as important to our delivery specialists as it is to you.

McGuires Box Truck Services

At McGuires Trucking Services, we understand your special delivery needs. Obviously, there is no “One-truck-fits-all” solution. Therefore, when shipping your cargo, you should pick the right truck for your need because the wrong method can lead to inconvenience.

That’s why McGuires Trucking Services offers you Box Truck service to ensure your freight is delivered safely to the destination. Our box trucking service is a standard trucking method in NY that is fully enclosed and has a protected body shape to keep the freight safe from rain, wind, heat, and other conditions. Basically, this means shipping your items like flooring, office documents, electrical, and other weather-sensitive materials is easy with us. Additionally, Box Trucks are also ideal to transport palletized materials that are exposed to the open environment on flatbed trailers.

McGuires Trucking Services is one of the top flatbed trucking companies that also offer Box Truck Service that has remained one of the top reliable services in the region. Our reputation for making fast delivery is one reason that businesses across Brooklyn, Bronx, Nassau and the rest of the cities trust our company for their shipment needs. Whether your business need is for dedicated Trucking in NYC or Box Truck service, you can rely on our service to get your cargo delivered to its destination in a timely fashion.

List of services offered by McGuires Trucking Services:

The McGuire Trucking Services is, above all, from other trucking services. We pride ourselves in providing the class-leading service and are always finding new ways to reduce the time of the shipment. We take no shortcut and insist on providing the right flatbed service truck depending upon the project.

Why Choose McGuires Trucking Services?

  • Safe transportation using a complete variety of equipped trucks.
  • Reliable on-time service using a group of professional drivers.
  • A broad network of trucking services throughout the United States.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction with experienced staff for coordinating and planning any of your queries.
  • Tracking system from pick point to the destination.
  • Timely delivery with competitive transportation rates.
  • Transport Heavy Equipments with dedicating trucking in NYC.


With McGuire Trucking Services, you will have a large network of the carrier that provides time-efficient and cost-effective transport service to meet your requirement. The McGuire’s Box Truck Service’s ability comes from its daily management of transport vehicles and shipments throughout the whole journey. Whatever may be your requirement, we have experienced personnel with great capability to provide cost-effective and efficient shipping solutions. For detailed service information, you can contact us on 631-580-4777 or through email at So, take advantage of our service and have access to class-leading service.

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