Air Ride Equipped Flatbed Trucking Service

Air Ride Equipped Flatbed Services:

McGuire Trucking Services believes in making every shipment as important to our delivery specialists as it is to you. Air-ride Flatbed services are the ideal way to ensure your very important packages wing their way to their destination. You Get exactly the same condition they were in when they were first loaded up.

As an independent carrier, McGuire Trucking Service is a specialist in joining up journeys. focusing on making the experience for you, the customer, as simple, smart and efficient as it can be. Call us now if you need same-day shipping service.  If you have complex pick-up or delivery locations in Long Island Queens Brooklyn NY we can help. Deliveries is our business and problem-solving is our passion.

Offering the next level of protection for your high-value cargo.  McGuire Trucking Service Air Ride Equipped Flatbed service is ideal for even the most delicate and fragile goods in NYC.

Air-ride Flatbed trucking Delivery Queens Brooklyn Bronx Manhattan NYC
Air-ride Flatbed trucking Delivery Queens Brooklyn Bronx Manhattan NYC.

What is an air ride equipped suspension system?

It might sound a bit complex but it is simply a better shock absorption system. Trucks are outfitted with air suspension systems to transport delicate goods and fragile equipment. This type of suspension system exchanges the customary steel leaf springs. A bag or bladder of compressed air to absorb road vibrations and bumps. The truck cargo get less road vibration and a much smoother ride. The significantly higher ratio of shock absorbency provided by an air ride suspension system. The Truck freight essentially glides on this cushion of air. The results practically eliminates both telescoping and compression damage you get with standard steel leaf springs.

This is the best way to help ensure that your shipment of delicate goods is transported carefully and safely. The system helps minimize excessive impacts from bumps in the road and major shocks. It could possibly cause damage to a fragile load. McGuire Trucking Service Air Ride Flatbed transport professionals are experienced in managing the logistical challenges of fragile shipments in NY. We depend on the industry standard and protective shipping techniques. Blocking and Bracing cargo to ensure that freight is properly loaded. Every Load locked into place and arrives at its destination without incident.


By utilizing trucking equipment that is fully equipped with an air ride suspension system. Your sensitive freight can be transported safely across Long Island , Queens, Brooklyn NYC road surfaces without absorbing additional stress. Additionally, McGuire Trucking Service Air Ride Equipped capabilities help prevent damage to cargo. Also can Damage  equipment and accidents that may cause injury to personnel.


This method is recommended for transporting delicate furniture, glass, ceramic goods, and other fragile materials that benefit from a stringent, stationary transport. Air Ride Equipped Flatbed transport is also commonly used for

  • Expedited freight that must travel by ground.
  • Robotics.
  • Medical equipment.
  • High-tech instrumentation.
  • Roadside cargo control, featuring stake pockets, combo sliding winches for maximum load security.
  • Air-ride suspensions, equipped with self-regulating height control valves 27Ft Straight-frame flatbed with Lift gate.