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Best Air Ride Equipped Flatbed Service Truck

McGuire Trucking Services believes in making every shipment as important to our delivery specialists as it is to you.

McGuire Flatbed -Air Ride Equipped Services

For McGuire Trucking Services your every shipment is important. Our Air Ride equipped flatbed truck service ensures that every important package glide to its destination in the same condition as it was loaded up.

Our air ride suspension is preferable when the package needs to be transported fragile or volatile, and there is a chance that it can break with the sudden movement. If you intended to transport any delicate items with affordable Trucking in NYC, we offer air ride equipped service with great rates. Whether the delivery is commercial or residential, we can help your transport from 100 pounds to 100 tons with fantastic customer service.

Our range of services includes air cargo, truckload, LTL, and flatbed trucking methods in Long Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan and other areas in NYC. It does not matter if your company manufacture one product or hundreds of different products McGuire Trucking Services have every resource to complete your every trucking need.

As a one of the leading flatbed trucking companies, McGuire Trucking Services offers a complete range of ttrucking services in NYC and freight shipping for our customers. Here is our service list: 


With our top-of-the-line service range, our rates are also competitive in the markets. See by yourself by contacting our representative to get a freight quote instantly. Whatever is your shipping needs working with McGuire Trucking Services is a hassle-free experience all way around. 

Why Choose McGuire Trucking Services?

  • Safe transportation using a complete variety of equipped Flatbed service truck..
  • Reliable on-time service using a group of professional drivers.
  • A broad network of trucking services throughout the New York.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction with experienced staff for coordinating and planning any of your queries.
  • Tracking system from pick point to the destination.
  • Timely delivery with competitive transportation rates.
  • Transport Heavy Equipments with dedicating trucking.


As an independent trucking and distribution company, we focus on making a happy customer experience with smart and efficient service. While you can email us for a Flatbed service truck quote, we also have an experienced team of representatives who are always ready to help you out. So, call McGuire Trucking Services for your all shipping requirements.


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