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Myths about flatbed trucking:-

It’s well known fact that flatbed trucking companies are doing good business as these trucks can ship everything to any place with better ease. Due to their size and shape, loading and off loading is quite easier and saves lots of time. Apart from these positive factors there are many myths associated with flatbed trucking business.

  1. Flatbed truck drivers are underpaid:- It is often said that flatbed truck drivers are underpaid than other commercial drivers. Pay is the only motivating factors for drivers to be in this business. Trucking pays extra than any other industry for the new comers and trucking queens jobs are easy available. If we talk about flatbed truck pay, data shows that flatbed truck drivers use to earn 700-800$ extra per month from commercial truck drivers. The difference may vary from company to company and experience of the flatbed truck driver.
  2. Securing Shipment is not easy:- Due to their open shape from all sides it is usually believed that securing shipment during transition is not easy and needs lot of experience. It is true that flatbed are not closed containers and securing shipment is a concern but flatbed trucking companies provides proper training to their drives for securing critical loads. These trucks are equipped with tarps, chains etc to tie the load so that it may not pose any hazard during shipping.
  3. Flatbed driving is dangerous:-Dangerous driving is another myth associated with flatbed driving due to uneven and over dimensional loads flatbed truck drivers carry. It is somewhat true that for inexperienced drivers, driving a flatbed truck with heavy load can be dangerous but when you follow all the safety procedures and proper training it is not dangerous. Compromising safety guidelines can be dangerous in any business not just flatbed trucking Manhattan.
  4. Women Drivers are not welcome:- Due to extended working hours, job that is mostly away from home and physical labor involved for tarping of load during shipping, some companies are not considering women drivers for flatbed truck driver positions.

But it is also true that we see more and more women flatbed truck drivers on the road. Shortage of truck drivers has given way for experienced women truck drivers to enter into this arena and prove their mettle

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