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How shipment of over dimensional freight is done

The load is said to be over dimensional when it cannot be transported in a container or trailer. Loading material having width and height more than 8 feet and 14 feet respectively can only be transported in specialized flatbed trucks. The length limit varies depending on whether the load travels on the Federal Interstate system, US Highways or State highways. They need extra caution during transportation and there are certain road restrictions which make it difficult for flatbed trucking companies to transport these load in cities. In cities like New York as well as in internal boroughs like Trucking Queens and in Manhattan, the condition is even worse as the streets are congested and thickly populated and sometimes become a matter of concern for trucking companies to safely deliver the over dimensional load. Requirements for moving the load vary from State to state, below mentioned are the factors which trucking companies should keep in mind while booking of over dimension load for these cities:-

  1. Experienced flatbed truckers:- Only highly experienced drivers can move these type of loads as they are familiar with these routes within city limits. They have hours of experience in shifting critical loads safely within specified time limits. These flatbed truckers follow very high standards of safety to move the load.
  2. Escort vehicle service:- Flatbed trucking companies take help of the Escort vehicles that too being driven by experienced drivers to move highly oversized loads. Escort vehicles are equipped with special signage to make other drivers of the road aware about the movement of over dimensional load. They travel in front or in the back of flatbed truck and are in contact with truck driver through wireless to keep him updating about the safe passage ahead.
  3. Route surveys:- Route surveys are normally done to ensure which route is best for transporting this over sized load. The survey team checks the height of power cables, bridge clearance that can be hindrance in free movement of flatbed vehicles. It is being done to prevent damage to road infrastructure and highways, safe movement of oversized load and minimum obstruction in free flow traffic.
  4. Special Permits:- Permit is required if the dimensions or weight of your vehicle and/or load exceed the set out limits. Every state follows different rules while issuing permits for moving oversized loads. There are certain time restrictions apart from these permits. These load movements are not allowed during major holidays, like Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend etc. So best flatbed companies always follow these requirement while moving their loads from one place to another and always stays ahead to give value of money and time to their customers.

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