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Challenges in Flatbed Trucking Industry

The whole world knows that trucking is the life line of America and it drives the economy. But we cannot escape the truth that American trucking industry is facing acute shortage of drivers. To fulfill the contract requirements, manufacturers are paying high prices to deliver their products on time by squeezing their profits.

New generation is not taking the legacy forward by joining their parents in trucking business as lifestyle of a trucker is not at par with ideal. Long hours of service, fatigue and away from home makes trucking less attractive to new generation. The average salary in this profession is higher than salary being paid to new entrant in any other industry is the main factor which is pushing fresher into this industry. There were the times when a certain level of honor was associated with drivers but it is getting faded with time. Shortage of drivers is affecting the supply chain management in US. Stricter load safety regulations and ELD mandate from December 2018 has more aggravated the problem. Trucking companies are not happy with the new ELD regulations that have been implemented in December 2018. They are of the opinion that government is not familiar with the problems, working schedules and job requirement of trucking companies in different cities of US like Boston, Los Angeles, New York City and inner boroughs like trucking Queens, Manhattan, Bronx etc. ELD will micromanage the working of drivers, their productivity will be decreased and they need to employ more drivers for haul freight which will eventually add to more expenses and shrinking profits. Small trucking companies will be at receiving end and will not be able to survive in this unconstitutional work environment. There is already shortage of drivers and these new ELD regulations will add fuel to the fire.

Big trucking companies are slowly moving to automatic transmission trucks as for number of reasons. Maneuvering of these trucks is quite easy, they are more fuel efficient, less transmission break downs and reduces driver fatigue. New drivers find it comfortable driving these auto transmission trucks and turnout ratio of drivers driving these vehicles is comparatively less. Trucking companies say that pay increase is the sure shot method to retain the drivers and to increase their productivity.

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