Air Ride Flatbed Trucking Service Jericho NY

21 Jun by Vikrant v

Air Ride Flatbed Trucking Service Jericho NY

If you are seeking a dedicated flatbed trucking company, local flatbed delivery, air ride flatbed trucking service or long haul trucking service, you are likely to find that most companies have a limited choice of vehicles and trailers. We at Mcguire Trucking Service offers a versatile fleet that is able to transport any type of oversized load to and from anywhere in the NY. Our drivers are not only experienced in flatbed trucking, but we also train them to the highest possible standards.

We take out surveys of the product, dimensions, weight and route to safely deliver your products. We have different capacity flatbed service trucks and mini trucks to fit in your products. To make the transportation risk free we inspect the route frequently and then job is carried out by our experienced employees equipped with modern equipments in Jericho NY. We use advanced techniques like real time data and tracking and use these techniques to load and unload the products safely and effectively.

Air ride equipped flatbed service in Jericho NY is mainly used for:

  • Glass products or materials
  • Calibrated precision equipment
  • Highly pressurized gas containers
  • Hazardous materials
  • Liquid containers
  • Electronics that are fragile
  • Fragile perishables, such as eggs etc.

While transporting on flatbed trucks, companies need to take permission for transporting bulky things especially the ones with irregular shapes and cannot fit in ordinary closed trucks. The FMCSA has loads of rules which need to be followed while shipping. Before transporting any item, we at Mcguires Trucking Jericho NY follow all the rules and regulations in order to deliver your products safely and securely. Further, we aim to bring the freight on time, at given location with all the extra precaution for every kind of stuff.

Mcguires Trucking works on the models of the international transportation rules and pride to be the most committed flatbed trucking company in NY.  Be assured of getting the quality trucking service in Jericho NY as we actually value your time and money and always eager to go extra mile to fulfill your requirement.  We are just a call away and available 24×7 for easy movement of your freight at reasonable prices.

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