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About Us

McGuires Trucking Services has been a family-owned business for over 15 years. McGuires Trucking Services was born in 2001 after the twin tower horrific attack. The owner at the time, was without a job and decided to buy a truck and start trucking. After many failures in the young days of McGuires Trucking, the company took a turn after the 6 year in business. The owner was able to really master the skills of the trucking industry, that makes a trucking company in NYC successful compared to other best flatbed trucking companies and made the company profitable. As one of the best quotes around says, “A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence”. McGuires Trucking Services continue to maintain excellence in the trucking industry by providing the highest level of flatbed truck delivery service as possible. After many successful years, nearly 2 decades, McGuires sold in 2020. Now with new ownership, McGuires Trucking has a different vision for the future. Although some of the core ways will remain, the new ownership innovations way of thinking will adjust the course of the company for years to come.

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Now Veteran & family owned. The new ownership has big vision and dreams for the company. One of the first changes has been the name of the company although at the same time we kept the original name. The company new name is now Lagara & Son Transportation Services Inc. D/B/A McGuires Trucking Services. As we continue to transform the company’s model by adding more capability to our fleet. Expanding our horizon to many more aspect of the trucking industry. Our logistic team is always ready to provide services related to On-demand trucking in queens, Bronx, Manhattan and nearby in NYC, warehousing, distribution, last -mile delivery and many more. Our team will ensure that your business requirements are fulfilled, services commitments are met & most importantly, that you are 100% satisfied, because “Your Satisfaction Is Important!”.

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